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CfxPostDataElement Class

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Structure used to represent a single element in the request post data. The functions of this structure may be called on any thread.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Chromium
Assembly: ChromiumFX (in ChromiumFX.dll)
public class CfxPostDataElement : CfxLibraryBase

The CfxPostDataElement type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBytesCount
Return the number of bytes.
Public propertyFile
Return the file name.
Public propertyIsReadOnly
Returns true (1) if this object is read-only.
Public propertyNativePtr
Provides access to the underlying native cef struct. This is a refcounted library struct derived from cef_base_t. Add a ref in order to keep it alive when this managed object go out of scope.
(Inherited from CfxLibraryBase.)
Public propertyType
Return the type of this post data element.
Public methodStatic memberCreate
Create a new CfxPostDataElement object.
Public methodGetBytes
Read up to |size| bytes into |bytes| and return the number of bytes actually read.
Public methodSetToBytes
The post data element will represent bytes. The bytes passed in will be copied.
Public methodSetToEmpty
Remove all contents from the post data element.
Public methodSetToFile
The post data element will represent a file.
See also the original CEF documentation in cef/include/capi/cef_request_capi.h.
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