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CfrSetByNameEventHandler Delegate

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Handle assignment of the interceptor value identified by |Name|. |Object| is the receiver ('this' object) of the interceptor. |Value| is the new value being assigned to the interceptor. If assignment fails, set |Exception| to the exception that will be thrown. This setter will always be called, even when the property has an associated accessor. Return true (1) if interceptor assignment was handled, false (0) otherwise.

Namespace: Chromium.Remote.Event
Assembly: ChromiumFX (in ChromiumFX.dll)
public delegate void CfrSetByNameEventHandler(
	Object sender,
	CfrSetByNameEventArgs e


Type: SystemObject
Type: Chromium.Remote.EventCfrSetByNameEventArgs
See also the original CEF documentation in cef/include/capi/cef_v8_capi.h.
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